California Dream Act

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Reyna Macias
English 103
7 November 2011

California Dream Act: Rewarding an Illegal Act
Born and raised here in the U.S. many students, and parents for that matter, are currently struggling with the bills, loans, and the stress of trying to stabilize a healthy future for themselves by pursuing an education. When a law like the California Dream Act is passed, it makes those who have done nothing but follow the rules of our legal system, feel as if the right as a legal citizen is being pushed aside. The money to fund the education of these illegal immigrants has to come from somewhere, causing a bigger whole to burn in tax payer’s pocket; when the money can easily go elsewhere to legal students in dire need of it. The state of
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The 6.2 billion a year, if needed, can be used to help American students who are just above the poverty level, but not quite able to afford schooling on their own. It is one thing when the government of California is increasing our taxes to help out American students in need, but to help pay the way of people who have come to this country illegally is unreasonable to tax payers.
Many students who are seeking to further their education that come from another country must become a citizen first and from there they are considered international students. An international student has to pay a fee in order to attend colleges here in the United States, and those fees vary “from $5000 to $30000 per year” (Abroad Education). Schooling is not cheap, none the less for international students who first have to pay their dues by coming to this country legally. “Current and prospective students who are not documented U.S. citizens could pay the same rates that legal state residents enjoy at public universities. The difference can be steep, with full-time out-of-state students paying as much as five times more than in-state counterparts at various University of California campuses” (CNN Politics). International students are not offered a cheaper tuition, even though they have clearly came here the right way. Instead, illegal immigrants are being allowed to pay the same amount that a legal citizen would normally have to pay. It is unfair


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