Don't Touch My Mama

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“Don’t touch my Doritos." For the 2010 Super Bowl, Doritos put out a commercial that was titled “House Rules”. In this commercial a young man comes to take a beautiful young, single mother out for their first date. While the mother is out of the room putting up the flowers the man brought, the man sits down to socialize with the son. As the man sits down he picks up one of the son’s Doritos, and just as he is about to put the chip in his mouth the son slaps him. After slapping the man the son says, “Don’t touch my mama, and don’t touch my Doritos.” This 2010 Super Bowl Doritos commercial is an example of visual rhetoric, because it appeals to the audience using pathos, ethos, and what the camera focuses to not just persuade the viewers …show more content…

Even though the commercial is remembered for the slap; it’s the signature line that allows doritos to be on the mind of the viewer. Immediately after the son slaps the man he says, “Don’t touch my mama and don’t touch my Doritos.” It is this line that gets imbedded into the minds of the viewers, thus leaving Doritos on the brain. The intended audience for this commercial is those that watched the 2010 Super Bowl, families, kids, adults and parents. The viewer can assume who the intended audience is by who the characters are, the age range of the characters, and what they are wearing. Also, when the advertisement was released hints at who the audience is. Mothers, children, and men can relate to this commercial because a single mother, child, and young man are the characters. The mother and the man in this commercial are within the age range of 25 and 30 years old. This age range tells the viewer that young adults are meant to connect with this commercial. The son is between four and seven, telling the viewer that even children can relate. The creators using inexpensive, nameless clothes makes allows the commercial to appeal to people who have average income. This commercial was released during the 2010 Super Bowl, obviously making the intended audience those who actually watched the 2010 Super Bowl. This commercial is an


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