Explain Factors Influencing Ageing, and Explain Ways in Which Health and Social Care Workers Support the Independence and Wellbeing of Older People.

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P1 explain theories of ageing.
In this assignment I will be explain 4 theories and link it to a scenario that was given by the teacher in class.
Sociological/psychological theories; * Disengagement theory * Activity theory
Biological theories: * Genetically programmed theory * Disposable soma theory

* Disengagement theory This theory Cumming and Henry in 1961 suggests that when Andy is to get older he will withdraw from the society in preparation for death and this could be because the society is becoming less likely to engage with and include older people. Therefore this could lead Andy to feel lonely and not wanted in society itself. Cumming and Henry argued that this was a consequence of people learning their
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These changes occur little by little and progress inevitably over time. It is impossible to escape aging even though it can be forestalled in many different ways, whether they are good or bad. Some ways to forestall aging are: frequent medical check-ups to ensure one is living healthy which is good, and some people have plastic surgery to help keep them looking youthful which usually has a bad outcome in the long run. Makeup, steroids and other chemical are also age forestallers. Most changes when aging are not fully apparent until fifty (50) years of age, as they are not obvious. The outcome of aging can vary from person to person or society to society. Aging also depends heavily on genetic and environmental factors. The AGS for Health in Aging. The Aging Process 28 February 2005: 17 pars. 29 February 2012 < http://www.healthinaging.org/agingintheknow/chapters_ch_trial.asp?ch=1> http://faculty.hampshire.edu/lspector/robinson-div3.pd In conclusion, Aging is unavoidable! It is a process that everyone goes through from the time of conception. Although there is more interest on the physical aspects of aging, remember the psychological and social features. Remember that the ability to learn and adjust continues throughout life and is strongly influenced by both past and future activities, interest