Global Missions Paper

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Global Missions Paper
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In this essay I will analyzes Escobar's thesis and compares and contrasts his theological contribution with other theologians. I will discussion Escobar's contextual approach as compared/contrasted in relation to one theological theme with two other contemporary theologians. I will summarize how Escobar's overall theological contribution either expands or challenges the theological perspectives of the two theologians chosen. Lastly, I will look at how these perspectives would influence my ministry if I were in a culturally diverse ministry setting. In 1970 there was a group of theologists who came together and wanting to liberate
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Moltmann’s theology is grounded in biblical descriptions to him the scriptures are more than mere tales, they are real historical events and should be clarified as such. Pannenberg’s view on Biblical history is very much the same. Grenz when asked summarized Pannenberg’s theology as a notion of faith which is not a way of knowing in addition to reason but it is grounded in public historical knowledge. Both theologians offer their interpretations of the Bible not by considering it a legend but by claiming its historicity and its accurateness. The role of the gospel is also stressed by Escobar just like the other two theologians he approaches the issues by considering the Scriptures first, the world and how the Scriptures apply to the issue. Theology might not necessarily be dependent on the Bible but it tries to imply a need for knowledge and understanding of God. Evangelicals and missionaries would be inconceivable without the Bible. Escobar argues that evangelicals must first acknowledge that they themselves have a long way to go in terms of deepening their understanding of biblical based mission work. In order to establish this as valid they must base it on sound biblical teachings. Escobar goes on to further state that theology history and the social science are useful as tools used for better understanding of God’s word and for contemporary mission


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