Cultutral Gender Roles

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Cultural Gender Roles In most cultures, boys and girls are treated very differently. Despite the differences of gender, upbringing creates gender behavior, including aggression and gentility; societal stereotypes of gender, and most importantly, gender-based discrimination. Throughout history and in all cultures the roles of males and females vary. Relating to the article "Girl" written by Jamaica Kincaid at a time when women's roles were to work in the home. By examining gender roles, then one may better understand how women and men interact and how better to build relationships at home and in the world of business. At the time that this article was written, women mainly stayed at home and did housework while few of the very poorest …show more content…

Not in These Families” by Jan Hoffman states that more families are facing more challenges with regards to gender behavior. Hoffman gives examples of different families that have children who are playing with toys that are not appropriate for their sex (boy or girl), girl with long blond hair being called “Handsome Prince” and wanting a Mohawk. Hoffman states that parents are supporting their children in exploring unconventional gender behavior to prepare for what they fear could be a life challenges. Hoffman mentions a study done by the Family Acceptance Project at San Francisco State University that focused mainly on adolescent found strong correlations between positive attitudes toward their lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children and decreased risks of depression, substance abuse and suicide. Hoffman’s article focused on the audience of parents who has the gender behavior sexuality challenges at a young age. Hoffman states that more parents are seeking communities where they believe their children will be more accepted. In the article “How We Raise Our Daughters and Sons: Child Rearing and Gender Socialization in the Philippines” by Ma. Emma Concepcion Liwag, Alma de la Cruz and Ma. Elizabeth Macapagal state what a daughter gender role expectations in the Philippine society. The article explains that a girl is expected to learn to manage a household and fulfill domestic obligations and responsibilities in the future. In the article mentions that