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Stage 2 English Communications: Crash Film Study

"In the end, everyone is flawed, the racism is inescapable, and the audience feels a twinge of empathy for just about everyone.”
Who did you feel most empathy for in this film and why? Support your comments with close reference to the characters, incidents and filmic treatment in your answer.

The film, Crash, exemplifies fear as a motivator for human behavior and displays that innately everyone is flawed. Our identities are determined by the choices we make and our reactions to others, regardless of class, ethnicity, culture or language. Through the use of an ironic script, symbolism and effective cinematography, Director, Paul Haggis, encourages us to empathize with characters such
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Later a regretful Farhad is seen slumped on the floor. It is at this point that Farhad acknowledges he is not only a victim of racial abuse but a perpetrator.

The audience is persuaded to feel empathically for Daniel as a consequence of the difficult situations he is faced with, whilst admiring his actions. This is accentuated by effective characterization, symbolism and filming techniques. In essence, Daniel is everything we strive to be and his character exemplifies how having a non-judgmental attitude towards others allows us to make appropriate choices in life and not increase cultural, social and racial tensions.

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Performance Standards for Stage 2 English Communications

| |Knowledge and Understanding |Analysis |Application |Communication |
|B |Knowledge and understanding of the ways|Analysis of a range of ways in which |Use of a range of language skills and |Mostly fluent and precise writing and |
| |in which a range of texts are shaped by|authors use the conventions of |techniques to create clear and |speaking, using appropriate style and |
| |the conventions of a particular form of|different text types to influence |coherent texts that


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