Compare the Techniques Used in Two Adverts by Holiday Companies to Target Their Audience and Sell Their Product

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Compare the techniques used in two adverts by holiday companies to target their audience and sell their product.
In this essay I will discuss the similarities and differences of two holiday adverts; one for Blackpool and the other for Ibiza. Firstly I will discuss the layout of the adverts. The Blackpool ad has a central picture of recognisable attractions such as the Blackpool tower and ferris wheel by the harbour which shimmers with light which brightens up the advert, similarly the Ibiza advert has a central eye catching picture of three young people dancing laughing and a sexy young female posing on her own on the beach whilst the sun is setting. The Blackpool ad has the writing on the left hand side which states the main important
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The Images which Blackpool uses to enhance their advert for their audience are the direction or map, the beach, winter gardens, the Blackpool tower and the tower ballroom dancing, and also a free phone number, the older generation are more sensible with their money because the adverts gives a package of holiday and more fun and exciting features of relaxing where as Ibiza uses three young people having fun laughing and having ice-cream, a group of friends in a limo chilling going out, eight different snap shots of youngsters posing on a track (road), three dancing ,and two mainly outstanding the advert set on the background in the evening while sun is setting on a beach, the temperature and how much the drink prices are, and lastly the map with different locations and the website and contact detail. The reason Ibiza uses more images and more colour s for their liver younger audience was to specialize on the main appearance on selling their product whereas Blackpool does the same but in a calmer and professional manner for the older audience.
The Slogans. Blackpool theme was “GOLD the time of your life!” which is located on the top right hand corner written in two different fonts and also in white but was not eye catching for their audience based on its location, on the other hand Ibiza own was situated a few inches underneath its heading Ibiza, written in a stylish font, bold and colour white “uplifting club beats with a deep indie poolside


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