Jet Blue

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1. Evaluate the composition of the top executive team at JetBlue: a. Is the team appropriately composed for starting a successful airline and running it successfully over time, respectively? i. I believe they are appropriately composed to start a successful airline. Neelman is the CEO and he had previously been a part of a successful start up. Additionally he went and recruited top talent that he had personally done business with or had been very successful with similar airlines such as Southwest. Even though they were all top talent throughout the industry, all of the members were more interested in creating something new and fun. ii. This could potentially be a problem down the road because if they enjoy creating …show more content…

He could introduce the no lines by giving customers the option of self checking bags and bypassing the personal customer experience if they feel comfortable. With the boarding passes maybe he could possibly put a separate barcode on the ticket that includes all of the boarding information that you scan just before you get on the plane. He could also create tickets with a specific seat number on it so you don’t get stuck in a middle seat to solve the issue with the boarding queue. ii. When he goes to make changes to the airline he needs to first consider his values and make sure that the change doesn’t affect the founding values of the airline. When people fly they look for the same type of experience or consistency of flight. So if your company is performing well in customer satisfaction don’t make any drastic changes and give customers the opportunity to express their feelings about any new changes that have been made to the company. iii. To help decide where they want to expand their markets to, he could again poll customers and ask what other destinations they would like to see added to the current flying schedule. By doing this you could find out where the current target market would be willing to fly. Just because there is a market that is willing to fly doesn’t mean that the will be willing to fly with your type of customer service.

3. Anne Rhoades has hired you as her “motivation” consultant. She wants you to design a program that


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