Spirit Airlines

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Spirit Airlines (SAVE) is an ultra low-cost, low-fare based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that provides affordable travel opportunities. The IPO for Sprit airlines was offered on June 11th, 2011. The price of the stock at the IPO date was of $12.00. According to NASDAQ.com, the money that was raised on the IPO was $187.2 million dollars, with 5 million dollars in expenses. After the underwriting cost eliminated they approximately raised171.0 million. After the IPO sale, the company decided to retain net proceeds of 150 million and the remaining was used to pay three individual, unaffiliated holders subordinated notes equal to 450,000. The remaining of the proceeds that they estimated to be 20 million were used
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In here I can show that the company currently up to March 2012, did not have any debt outstanding. Therefore the capital structure of the company is 100% equity.

The next image is showing the P/E ratio and its forecasts until 2014.


http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/save/recommendations Analyst Firms Making Recommendations | AVONDALE PARTNE | BARCLAYS CAPITA | DAHLMAN ROSE&CO | DEUTSCHE BK SEC | EVERCORE PARTNE | MORGAN STANLEY | RAYMOND JAMES | SIDOTI | |
These firms strongly recommend that Sprit Airlines is a strong buy.


After reviewing the IPO and the performance of the stock of Spirit Airlines, I would invest in it. The analysis performed


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