Kindergarten Chats - Architecture

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This reading has introduced me to various factors in architecture regarding what it represents and should be in society through Louis Sullivan’s words.

A Terminal Station: • The Masculine Implies forceful, direct, clear and straightforward,
• The Feminine Implies intuitive sympathy, suavity, grace, and qualities of soothe, elevate, and refined.
• Should be easy to get in and out (efficiency)
• Outward aspect of the style takes on the ambulance of architecture.
I agree, a terminal station should be able to tell us what it is and from the outside, where are the entrances, exists, etc... This is a public figure and needs to be clear.

The Key:
• Each building’s external aspect represents character and it’s up to us to
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• It’s directness of statement is its chief virtue.
• Expanse of glass and light and displays
• In other words, it stands to reason that a thing looks like what it is and outward appearances resemble inner purposes.
This is a great example of Function and Form.

Function and Form:
• Every form we see there is a vital something or other which we do not see, e=yet which makes itself visible to us in that very form.
• A state of nature the form exists because of the function and behind the form is neither more nor less than a manifestation of what you call the infinite creative spirit, called God.
• A building is properly designed when you are able to read through and know the reason for that building.
• The details are not the same as the parts and the mass.

Logical vs. Organic growth

• Logical is scholarship, or taste, or all of them combined, cannot make organic architecture
• Logical is common sense, a thoroughly disciplined mind, a perfect technique, and a gracious gift of expression.
• Logical can not deal with creativity process, for the creating function is vital, as its name is pure-reason.
• Organic correlates to organism, structure, growth, development, and form.
• Organic implies the pressure of a living force and a resultant structure or mechanism. The pressure is Function and the resultant is Form.

Ornaments in Architecture: