Chilean Copper Mine Collapse

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Chilean Copper Mine Collapse
Jason Terry
BCOM 275
August 19, 2012
University of Phoenix

Chilean Copper Mine Collapse
In August 2010, the world focused on a small copper mine in northern Chile, when it was discovered that 33 trapped miners were still alive after the mining shaft collapsed. This tragedy captured audiences of every source of mainstream media around the world. The media reported updates on the conditions of the trapped miners daily until their rescue in October 2010. People were drawn to the families of the trapped miners. Because of the magnitude of this unnatural disaster, audiences worldwide were depending on the reporters to give them every detail possible, not to mention those connected to the disaster: family,
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The roof of the mine collapsed leaving 33 of our employees trapped inside. Officials and rescue workers were notified immediately and have been working to locate and rescue the copper miners. Engineers from all over the world are working around the clock to bring our staff members all back to the surface safely. Despite everyone’s efforts to get the employees our quickly we were forced to suspend rescue efforts for a few hours on Saturday because of a second cave-in during rescuers attempts to descend a ventilation shaft. The rescue workers plan to drill a hole six inches in diameter holes to locate the 33 trapped miners. As much as we want to get our staff out safely we have to continue to make sure that safety of the families and the volunteers maintain safety throughout the rescue. To our dedicated staff we want you to know that above everything that you have heard about the quality and safety of our organization regarding the safety practices of our mines. We are still adhering to all safety procedures, practices, and protocol set forth by both the Federation of Chilean Mining Workers and the Confederation of Copper Workers. Employees will be kept up-to-date on the rescue efforts as the information comes in. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all


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