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1.….everything that has happened to us during the day …..

MEANING 1. “has happened” is a grammar structure used for actions which started in the past but continue up to now or to talk about actions that have a result now. Timeline: x (x)(x) has happened past present future CQs : Did it happen in the past? Yes. Is the day going on? Yes. Is it likely to happen some more events? Yes. Are we affected by the things that happened to us during the day? Yes. What events? We didn’t sleep well. What affects do we have now? We may be sleepy and tired now.
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“Would” is a modal auxiliary verb here. PRONUNCIATION ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ If scientists invented a pill…., would you take it? ▀ /ınventıd/ /wʊʤju taık ıt?/ We pronounce “would” as / wʊd / instead of / wʊld/ ANTICIPATED PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS 1. Problem: Students may think that we are talking about past. Solution: To avoid misunderstanding, students are given an easy task of brainstorming and also a kind of extension such as “ If I were rich, I would ….etc. Later concept questions are asked “Do I imagine about something about past?” 2. Problem: Students may not pronounce the word “would”/wʊld/ naturally instead of /wʊd/ Solution: Emphasize the /wʊd/ sound and use backchaining,e.g start by modelling and drilling the sound /d/ followed by /wʊd/ and then the whole words /wʊʤ ju taık ıt/ 3. Problem : Students may use present form of the verb in the “conditional clause” instead of the past form when we talk about imaginary situations. Solution : Elicit the correct form of the clause. Cross out the one wrong on the board and write the “simple past” form above.If I was/were richIf I am rich,…References: Harmer,J.(2005),How to Teach English,Longman Gower,R;Phillips Diane;Walters,S(2005) Teaching Practice http://www.ingilizce-ders.com/hata-yanlis/01-telaffuz-hata.htm |

3. Dr. Meddis believes that the unpleasant


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