Case Study Harrah’s Entertainment: Hitting the Crm Jackpot

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Briefly discuss Harrah’s marketing information system, using Figure 4.1 as a guide.

Harrah’s marketing information system is well developed from the top down. It follows a kind of circular flow that enables it to be the best in the entertainment experience world. It follows figure 4.1 of our book to perfection. At the core of its marketing information system is the relentless will and dedication to know its customers as best as possible. The nucleus of the core is the Total Rewards programs it offers. Without it, it wouldn’t be as successful at learning or knowing as much as it does or finds out and translate that into successful customer satisfying culture. Through this program it is able to gather information and respond to the
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The database is therefore central and critical, since it the one that tracks information about Harrah’s customers and behavior through its visualization software. This information ranges from gender, age, home location, favorite games, length of stay/playing time, size of bet, number of bets, and total points. Thus managers and employees armed to their teeth with information, motivated by rewards, and happy by working in a great environment, they all deliver superior customer service. The happy customer comes in happy and leaves happy and then returns to spend 24 percent more. In rare occasions, it appears, a customer will leave unhappy and return to spend 10 percent less.

3. Why does Harrah’s system work so well compared to MIS efforts by other companies?

Harrah’s system works so well compared to MIS efforts by other companies, because it is one that is based on having the best customer relationships. Harrah’s stays ahead by knowing its customers. Through its Total Rewards program, it is able to identify, track, and cultivate profitable customers. The Total Rewards program allows Harrah’s to arm itself with information that it can stir up into a kind of feast that each individual customer will enjoy. This same program is also able to reward or give back to its customers for the time they spend at any of its locations. Harrah’s goes as far as to reward non-gaming experience. Also, Harrah’s only maintains the