Case Study - Ecologic

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Case Study: ECOLOGIC

EMBA Program – Organizational Behavior Version 4.1 1st Version: 15 April 2013 This Version: 20 April 2013

Prepared by :

S Satiavani R Reka Luxshmi

Overview – Quarter 1


February Ecologic Setup
• Non-profit organization – but need to be selfsustainable • 4 divisions (teams): • Cleanliness of beaches, rivers and lakes • Fund raising • Environmental Audit • Project team (lobbying, materials, etc.)

January Capital

• Sally inherit $500k • Use $200k to setup Ecologic




• 3 members join: • Dane – Environmental Engineer • Rudra – Accountant • Ella – Administration Asst. • Company Philosophy laid out: • Highest standard of Environmental Management Setting • Teamwork up values • Open discussion
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• No proper system in place (i.e: engagement of third party for website – poor follow-up and being presumptuous about cost). • Communication breakdown and failure:  Sally to Rudra (outburst)  Dane to Ann (work scope not being made clear, line of reporting, decision making policy)  Ann to everyone (kept emotions and dissatisfaction to herself, did not communicate to them: ‘Introvert’ as categorized by MBTI theory – probably also due to cultural diversity)  Ella to Sally (having personal interest above work interest)  Sally to everyone (ignoring structural problem, not communicating any solution on it and making everyone confused)  Dane to Rudra (brushing off Rudra’s idea harshly – refer to one of the Three Learned Needs Theory: Need for Affiliation)

In accordance with OB Ancor principles, under the Multiple Levels of Analysis Anchor, this problem is:
• An INDIVIDUAL problem • A GROUP problem • An ORGANIZATION problem

• A HYBRID problem (consists of a mix of ALL the above: Individual, Group and Organization)

KEY areas of problem in OB: • Abscence of STRUCTURE • Lack in STRATEGY
These are key elements in OB More of CONTEXT problem than Content

• Weakness


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