Research Proposal : Online Store for Primark

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Research proposal
Online Store for Primark INTRODUCTION
Online shopping is becoming tremendously popular among customers. Major fashion retailers have established their online presence to expand their market. Primark is one of the fashion retailers having lowest prices among the high street brands. The aim of this study is to analyse the consumer shift from high-street shopping to internet shopping and evaluate how an online store can affect the retail business of Primark.
The research question of this study is mentioned below in form of hypothesis.
H0: Should Primark launch an online shopping store?
H1: Should Primark not launch an online shopping store?
Managing an online business falls under the
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In this research, results are analyzed with statistical methods and asserted with legitimate discussion with results published. With a properly designed research, quantitative experiments can also filter out external factors and hence imply real and unbiased results.
Whereas, the qualitative research design, observations and data collection can be biased due to researcher bias because the interpretation of the statements entirely depend on the researcher’s understanding. Some background information may be missing. Source of data and subjects of study may not be reliable enough. The groups under study may not represent whole of the population. Another disadvantage is the short term studies taking observations because building trust in participants requires time to support an honest representation of the entire population.
This study will be primarily based on the primary data sources however secondary data will be used as well. Primary data will be collected through quantitative methods and the secondary data will be collected with the help of books, articles, and journals from library and internet.
The research will follow the strategy of survey for collecting data since it is easy, appropriate, effective, and cost-efficient method to collect data of quantitative type from a large sizable sample of the population.
Selecting survey method based on questionnaires will be most suitable for this research study. According to experts like Saunders et al (2009), these


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