Case Cafe D Pownd

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1. What are the problems facing Jason Mah and the Café D. Pownd?

There are several problems facing Jason Mah and Café D Pownd. One serious problem, which arose from lack of space, was the confusion building in the queues since people had no idea which line they were in. There were times when people had been lining up in the interactive cooking line for several minutes when they actually wanted to be in the pre-cooked line. Another problem was the long lines tended to create a wall of people in front of the soft drink machines, becoming burdensome even with as few as 20 people waiting for service. In order for people to get drinks, they had to barge through a line of people. Usually this confusion caused spills and was annoying for
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The expected waiting time in line for customers desiring pre-cooked food is 37 seconds.

1.03 minutes = 63 seconds (service rate for pre-cooked meals)
Arrival rate for customers desiring pre-cooked meals is every 26 seconds.

63 seconds-26 seconds=37 second waits

11. Given the arrival rate of customers desiring interactive food and the combined service rate of the two interactive food servers, what is the expected customer waiting time in line?

The expected waiting time in line for customers desiring interactive food is 4.96 minutes.

The arrival rate for customers desiring interactive food is every 1.02 minutes
The service rate of the two interactive food servers is 5.98 minutes

5.98-1.02=4.96 minute wait

12. If you were Jason Mah, what course of action would you take in order to resolve the problems facing the Café? What kind of analysis would you carry out?

If I were Jason Mah I would hire two part time interactive food servers to cut the waiting time in line for customers desiring interactive food. It seems as though customers are getting tired of waiting close to 6 minutes in line to be served and they are thinking of seeking other alternatives for meals. The part time employees would work during the peak times to alleviate the two full time interactive food server’s workload. This would help cut down the service time and the wait, as a result creating a better customer


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