Quiet Time

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Strengths and Weaknesses
The purpose and the problem are identified in the first paragraphs of the Scott et al, 2010. The main topic is the safety concerns of nurses working extended shifts and the association with high risk errors due to fatigue. “The objective of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of a FCMPN for improving sleep duration and quality while reducing daytime sleepiness and patient care errors. Selected sleep variables, errors and drowsy driving, were evaluated among hospital staff nurses (n = 47) before and after FCMPN implementation” (Scott, et al., 2010, p. 250). The adoption of a standardized fatigue intervention program as utilized in other industries has been successful and its use in being
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251). The limitation of the operational definition is the risk of assuming the results. “These assumptions influence the development and the implementation of the research process” (Burns & Grove, 2009).
The dependent variables are easy to understand and follow to the conclusions. Sleep duration, risk for accidents, short term memory and problem solving, and coping are measured by logbooks. The limitation of logbooks was the available space for comment and for the conclusion this is not an objective measure. Sleep quality, and day time sleepiness were measured with more objective scales which are explained in the instrument section.
Study Design
One-group pretest –posttest design repeated-measures was used. The participants were recruited from medical-surgical units in three major care Michigan hospitals and there were 62 staff nurses who received the protocol and 47 nurses that concluded the study. The advantage of the design is the collection of data from only one specific specialty unit from three different hospitals avoiding the possible bias if two groups from different specialties were chosen. The design includes the treatment or interventions which is the focus of the study. The treatment was consistent with the needs and is reflected in the conclusions. Conversely, one limitation of the


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