Describe the Major Bones, Muscles, Joints and Joint Actions Used to Perform This Movement Skill and How They Influence the Way the Body Moves. over Arm Throw

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1 . Describe the Major bones, muscles,joints and joint actions used to perform this movement skill and how they influence the way the body moves.

The overarm throw is a skill frequently used in a wide range of sports such as cricket,softball and baseball. The action is also used in athletic activities such as javelin, with the overhead serve and smash in tennis, volleyball and badminton and passing a netball and basketball.An overarm throw is the action of the arm swinging backwards then upwards, as the elbow moves close to ear level, leading the throw forward a step is taken with the foot opposite the throwing arm, during the throw, body rotates to face forward and body weight transfers from back to front foot, the elbow then
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The hinge joint (synovial joint) which can be found in elbow,knee and ankle which only allows movement of flexion and extension important in an over arm throw as it involves flexion and extension of the arm before the ball is released .The pivot joint (synovial joint) found in the lower arm bones, skull and the vertebral column allowing movement around only one longitudinal axis enables only rotation of the body,slight rotation of the lower body is crucial before releasing the ball. Lastly, the saddle joint (synovial joint) found in the thumb ,carpals and metacarpals have many articular faces that resemble saddles each is concaved on one axis and convects on the other these opposites face each other,this joint is needed to enable the player to move fingers to grip the ball.

There are over 600 muscles in the human body and they are all attached to bones.The role of muscles is to contract,when a muscle contracts it enable movement.To locate muscles it is important to establish the origin (muscles point of attachment to the more stationary bone), the insertion
(the point of attachment at the movable end) and muscle action which refers to movement made at the

joint when the muscle contracts.

The major muscles being used in an overarm throw are the deltoids (origin: scapula, clavicle insertion: humerus action: abduction of the arm) which control the movement in the shoulder, allowing the arm to move to release


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