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Assignment 1
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1. Relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of FVC and RSE
a. SWOT Analysis FVC
The company depicts excellence standing in the most intricate stages of the business and thus frequently did prime agreement on extremely mechanical machine for the government.
The weak economy in US market had affected the business operation and thus this posed the threat on the company performance under the challenging business environment with as well growth in completion combined with financial crisis.
The company depicts no stress in acquiring raw materials as well as problem with marketing plans since; the raw material is
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From the assessment of the premerger valuation of FVC.
d. FVC worth based on recent transactions
The revenue for RVC have assumed to be improving at the growth rate of 8.6% from 2008 to 2013.the cost of goods sold for the company is assumed to be 0.7 for the last 6 years. The cost is assumed to be increasing at 5.8%. The equity method valuing the company capitalization is $100 million with the current share price of $39.8% as observed in exhibit 1$2. The per share premium anticipated is $ 0.45 after assessing the post merger value of the company in exhibit 4.Thius there implies that the company will realize premium over the existing per share price and the anticipated inflation of 0.07 of determining the worth of the company during post merger. The expected present value of the company is $1,091,150 as depicted in exhibit 4.
2. a. Comprehensive annual private use motor vehicle insurance policies
The comprehensive car insurance provides cover for your car as well as other individual car as well as the property. There is a variety of flexible alternatives like the No claim bonus safety as well as confined driver in order to ensure that client get the cover he/she desires.
b. Workers Compensation Insurance policies
Workers compensation insurance policy creates advantage to workers for hurt as well sickness consequential from the normal course of working. The policy creates


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