Cachet Technology Case Study

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Q1: What is the nature of the problem that Cachet Technologies is addressing? Is it a big problem? Is there any competition? The company proposed a new way to distribute content over the Internet. The reason why this technology is invented is a real problem related to the Internet. The main problem is that existing routing systems on the Internet are not able to serve new needs of consumers. Consumers moved to more sophisticated multi-media applications and routing system became overloaded. It resulted with delays in the system and slowness of the web in peak periods. This problem is big and important. As the promise of Internet was to represent global, interactive, transactive new medium, due to this problem this promise …show more content…

Q5: Should Seeling and Lewin just walk away? What do they need to do to prove whether the plan makes sense or not? Company | Round Type | Amount Raised($MM) | Company Stage | Cacheflow | 1 | 5.1 | Product Development | Inktomi | 1 | 4.6 | Product Development |

They should not just walk away. If the technology is so promising and solve existing, real, huge problem in growing domain as Internet, than it is real potential. They should use feedbacks from judges and think about them. They should think about reasons that determined the winners of the competition. It seems that winners have a realistic plan how their technology could be used and implemented. Therefore Seelinga and Lewin should look for additional partners with the experience and skills they are lacking. Walking away from a good project is not a good solution. Alternatively, they could sell the company or the technology to a larger ISP and work for them. They could also invite the ISP to invest in their company, thereby boosting their value and market potential. In order to prove the strength of their plan, they need to perform a simulation test with real market conditions. Through such a test, they can not only show that their product works, but that it makes a considerable difference in managing overload problems. Also, the ability to release their product can also help prove the success of their plan.

Q6: Do the company’s founders have


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