Buddy's Snack Company

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Buddy’s Snack Company is a family-owned business from Colorado which began in 1951. Buddy Forest, the first owner of Buddy’s Snack Company, began the business by selling homemade chips from the back of his truck. The business was later passed down to Buddy Jr., Buddy Forest’s son who at the time was already prepping his son to become the head of the company. A few years after, Mark joined the company as a salesperson and was later promoted to sales manager. Buddy’s Snack Company was facing a major problem by their competitors and were losing market share. When Buddy Jr. promoted Mark to sales manager, he was hoping that Mark could find an effective solution to their problems.

Mark’s first idea was to introduce a
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II. Asking another individual who has authority to change the rewards in order to gain better treatment such as fairness and etc.

III. Changing the comparison points to make things seem better.

IV. Leaving the workforce if they believe that they had been mistreated.

Firstly, looking at Linda Lewis, we understand that she is a hardworking employee and is ethical. In addition, she also had a cheerful attitude towards her work and is a team player. Her positive attitude towards her work also radiates and it shows because she spends time reading the training materials and learns selling techniques. She never had trouble going the extra mile for the company. All this time, for the past three years, she had never had a problem accomplishing the quotas set by the company. In fact, she was one of the main contributors to the company, earning them profit. After that, due to the economic downturn, she couldn’t meet the sales target for the company. So she was insisted by Mark to attend coaching sessions. Although she is more than willing to attend the coaching sessions to improve herself, she feels that Mark had been very insensitive to her situation as a single parent. The coaching sessions are scheduled on Saturdays and the weekends are the only time she gets to spend with her children. Linda feels unappreciated and neglected, as Mark did not bother to ask if the


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