Boyz in the Hood and Black Freedom Fighters

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Unite is a common word the comes to mind when debating the themes of Boyz in the Hood written by John Singleton and Black Freedom Fighters in Steel by Ruth Needleman. Boyz in the Hood is a film that follows the lives of a group of young African Americans living in South Central Los Angeles, California. Each main character faces some common struggle modern day children and teens face today. Their fate relies on what they decide to do about their common struggle. In Black Freedom Fighters in Steel, you glimpse into the lives of five men connected by one aspect of their lives. They also must do something in order to survive as blue collar workers during the 20th century. Both these works have one common theme if not more, these boys and these …show more content…

They had a strong sense of community amongst themselves. Many men played cards together, such as George Kimbley and Jesse Reese. These men knew the importance of joining the union in order to receive if not equal better working conditions. They networked, one man would sign a friend up, and then his friend would sign up someone else. Networking, educating and discussing were various ways to get the community pro-union. One specific example is how the amount of SWOC cards that came in signed by black workers stunned white SWOC participants. This proves that networking was working. Women also played a role in using their community to discuss issues such as organizing. Chain recruiting was widely used. This was used for example by an organizer. He and his wife would throw a dinner party and discuss various issues. By engaging in conversation they could relate on different complaints the other couples may have and convince them to join the union and inform others. By passing on information about the union the African-American demographic within the steel companies and union were more likely to increase. More membership in the union would allow more chances of bargaining and promotions for minorities. Another example of uniting in Black Freedom Fighters in Steel is through the smaller committees that formed within the union. Many people such as, George Kimbley, felt that this would hinder the positive movement for African-American