Boyles Law Apparatus

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Abstract The objective of this lab was to determine the relationship (if any), between the pressure and volume of a gas given the temperature and # of molecules remained constant. Using the Boyle's law apparatus, and textbooks to demonstrate pressure it was concluded that there was a relationship between pressure and volume. However, the relationship was not a direct relationship, and it was determined that the pressure and volume of a gas are inversely proportioned. Thus,proving Boyle's theory correct. Introduction

Objectives: The main objective of this lab was to determine the relationship between the volume and pressure when the temperature and number of molecules remains the same throughout. Other minor objectives of
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The relationship expressed, was an indirect relationship. Because, as the pressure increased, the volume significantly decreased. The experiment expresses Boyle's Law because it shows that as the pressure increased by one, the volume decreased by about 5mL almost every time. My hypotheses was proved correct because as clearly shown in the graph, there was an indirect relationship between both volume and pressure. As the pressure of textbooks increased, the volume of the air decreased. This was because, the molecules of the gas were being forced closer and closer together, therefore lessening the volume each time there was added pressure. Some possible errors that could have been made in this lab were if there was added pressure applied to the textbooks, from that of someone's body weight. Another cause of error was not letting the syringe return to it's starting point every time a new set of experiments was performed. This could lead to great error because it would throw all measures of volume off and would not have shown the correct relationship between volume and pressure. It also would have thrown off the entire average for the series of experiments performed. To fix these errors, you could make sure that the textbooks