Movie Analysis: The Attic by Satyajit Ray

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The Attic Satyajit ray

While returning from their new factory at Deodarganj, the writer with his friend and business partner Aditya were driving along National Highway 40. As they reached a point of bifurcation, the author asked his friend about his willingness to take the road, that deviated to the right. That road leads to the ancestral home of Aditya, at Bramhapur. His father was a landlord there and later shifted to business at Calcutta. He was born and brought up there, also passed matriculation from the local school, after which he had left for Calcutta to continue his further studies.
Aditya nodded for a positive response to go to the place. He tried
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A sparrow nest was disturbed, a part of which fell on the ground, and he could find the thing, he was looking for- that was an antique inside a jeweler’s box.
Then he urged the author to go to Jogesh Kabiraj’s house, where Sasanka Sanyal was living. Sasanka was busy in reciting from Tagore . He permitted them to come in . Except for a lone charpoy, there was nothing to sit on. he could remind Aditya as a spoilt brat of rich parents, who despite being a good student used to lie and was extremely jealous of Sasanka. Aditya didn’t defy him and told that he wished to give him one hundred fifty rupees. Sasanka laughed at his sudden generosity and enquired , why all these after so many years ? Aditya wanted to protect his stand saying he had changed with years. Sasanka blasted at him saying, he received the prize and Aditya took it from him to show and impress his father and lied that the medal had fallen from the hole in his pocket. He also explained, the medal cost was not more than 5 rupees. And, he had recognized Aditya by the mole on his right cheek, at the tea stall. He wanted to teach him a lesson and force him remembering his act of treachery .thus he blasted his age old anger and anguish on Aditya. He didn’t need any charity in cash or kind, only needed his lost glory back. He also explained, past was past, he wanted to forget the whole unpleasant incidence. Aditya admitted his fault and accepted Sasanka’s righteous grievances