Aubrey Drake Graham

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Emily Simone

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18 February 2014

-I Just Wanna Be Successful~Rise of Drake-

Born on 1986, Aubrey Drake Graham was born in Toronto, Ontario. Aubrey began attending Forest Hill Collegiate Institute where he began his acting career. He attended two institutes before dropping out of high school although years later he graduated. At the age of fifteen, Aubrey's agent found him an acting job on the new hit series Degrassi: The Next Generation, as a character named Jimmy Brooks. By this point many might recognize Aubrey Drake Graham as the famous and talented rapper/ actor who goes by the name Drake. Over the years Drake has portrayed hard work, dedication, and pure talent throughout
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The track was also rewarded a Platinum Certification by the RIAA. On November 17, 2010 his second studio album, Take Care, was released. The lead single of the album was Headlines and it reached number thirteen on the Billboard Hot 100. This song summoned Drake to have reached his tenth top hit on the Billboard Hot 100, making him the top artist to have the most number one hits on it. Make Me Proud, as number nine, and the Motto, as number fourteen, were other prized singles of Drakes that reached the Billboard Hot 100. With all of this fame, it leaves one wondering how talented this artist truly is. Having the most number one hits on Billboard Hot 100, along with the most number one hits on the rap chart is incredible and almost unbelievable. This young prodigy has achieved more than most do in an entire lifetime, in his twenty-eight years of life. No matter what background one comes from, Aubrey justifies that no one is not strong enough to persevere, try and strive to accomplish goals. As he once said, "I wake up in the morning and my heart is light, man. It's not heavy. I don't have skeletons in the closet on their way out" ( Drake demonstrates living up to the best a person can be, and after that level is reached, shoot even higher towards the stars. One should never doubt themselves or let others dictate how one feels. Not only has Drake displayed his talent, strength and ability, but has also proven