Identify the fundamental characteristics of the Hospitality, Tourism and Event industries, their focus on customer service and satisfaction...

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Subject: Introduction to Hospitality, Tourism and Events.

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Lecturer: Trish Powers
Assignment Name: Research Report
Due Date: 2012

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1. Executive Summary
The purpose of this report is to identify the fundamental characteristics of the Hospitality, Tourism and Event industries, their focus on customer service and satisfaction, how they converge and how they have relied upon each other in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.
The interdependent relationship that exists today rapidly developed in the second half of the twentieth century as Tourist movements dramatically increased, naturally drawing
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In his report, Schmitt found that annual tourist arrivals by air in 1957 were just over 479 thousand, with total visitor expenditure for the same year amounting to US$82.7 million. By 1976 the number of tourists arriving to Hawaii by air had risen to over 4.3 million and annual tourist expenditure had risen to over US$1.4 billion.
More recent data provided by the Hawaii Tourism Authority (2010) puts total visitor arrivals by air for that year at over 6.9 million with a total annual expenditure by the same category at US$11.1 billion. These figures are not specific to Hawaii, they are representative of global tourism movements. Globally, international tourist arrivals for 1959 were 69 million (Global Policy website, 2008) and this had risen to 940 million by 2010. (UNTWO website, 2012)
Destinations around the world began to realise the lucrative economic benefits of these industries and responded with increased funding to supporting infrastructure. Similarly, Hospitality organisations also noticed the fiscal opportunities available in these locations and began rapidly expanding their operations to popular tourist destinations.
The opportunities were not lost on Juan Trippe, the founder of Pan American Airways. After spearheading the accelerated growth in commercial air travel for PanAm, he realised the highly lucrative opportunities that existed in hospitality and in 1946 he founded the InterContinental Hotels corporation and opened its first InterContinental


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