Assignment#03 Usability Evaluation

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Assignment 3: Usability Evaluation

Assignment 3: Usability Evaluation

Questionnaire is one of the most popular techniques for gathering data, where questions in a questionnaire are designed to be answered asynchronously, i.e. without the presence of the investigator. A goal must be set, before developing the questionnaire, as developer would like to have relevant reasons before starting working on something. Targeting the participants is another important element of collecting data through online questionnaire. In many ways questionnaire is similar to interviews as questions could be open or closed. Since interviewer is not present or in a word nobody is available to interpret the questions for the participant, making the
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There are many times a usability analyst would like to reach large number of participants to glean information, where he may have had only a select group to reach when sampling. Some other difficulties could be-- sample size, effective questionnaire, meet the goal and the cost of developing and maintaining an application. If questionnaire is too large to answer, respondent may easily give up reading the questions. Answering questions with reading would never provide any valid data. Coming up with effective questions and expected answers would be challenging as well. The last but not least would be the cost of developing the application, putting it on the web and running smoothly. For example, organization has to make sure that the questionnaire is accessible from any platforms and browsers regardless the size of the monitor/screen and can server thousands of web requests. Reliability of the collected data: The data that is being collected through the questionnaires may not be always reliable. To make the data reliable, we have to follow the general guidelines described below: * Usability analyst must develop strategies for reaching the beleaguered audience. * Make sure the questionnaire is easy to interact (i.e. easy


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