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Katie Louise Harris
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Tutor: Sarah Willcocks
Course: Advanced Psychotherapy

Assignment Two

1. What might a client's appearance include evidence of?

Subjective distress Disturbance of thought or feeling Expressing behavior subconsciously

2. What should a therapist be aware of when taking note of a clients manner and content of talk?

Slowing Incoherence Evasiveness Flights of ideas

3. Give examples of disorders of mood

The experience of emotion described as fear spread thin, Anxiety is the commonest of experiences. Abnormal frank excitement can be expressed by a client experiencing a mood disorder, when
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A Non-Bizarre Delusion; Is an idea that is plausible but the content is mistaken, a possible but false delusion. Example, the person mistakenly believes that he/she is under constant police surveilliance.

A Mood-Congruent Delusion; An delusion whoes content is consistant with a depressive or manic state (a state in which the person feels compelled to take on new projects, has lots of restless energy and usually requires little sleep. Example, A person suffering with depression might believe that the world is ending, and the person with the manic state of mind might believe that she or he has special talents or abilities.

A Mood- Neutral Delusion; A delusion whoes content is neither constsitant with either a depressed or manic state of mind, or is “mood neutral”. An example, Where a person believes that they are having thoughts inserted into the mind from an external force, person or group of people and these thoughts are not recognised as their own. This is called “Thought Insertion”.

9. What should a therapist explore in relation to memory?

What is retrieval? A process of accessing stored memories. When you are taking an exam, you need to be able to retrieve learned information from your memory in order to answer the test questions. There are four basic ways in which information can be pulled from long-term memory. The type of retrieval cues that are available can have an impact on how information is retrieved. A retrieval cue is a clue or prompt