An Abundance of Katherines - Essay

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An Abundance of Katherines In Relation with the Young Adult Fiction Genre
Young adult fiction is a quickly developing genre of literature. The genre is typically marketed towards adolescents and young adults, however, it is enjoyed by a wide variety of people, including adults trying to experience youth again. Young adult fiction, also known as young adult literature, is written in a teenage language and writing style so the marketed readers can thoroughly understand it. The storyline is often full of relatable dilemmas teens face on a daily basis. Themes commonly presented in young adult fiction are usually controversial as teenagers learn things about the world and grow into adulthood. John Green’s novel, An Abundance of Katherines,
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(Wells) For example, Hassan Harbish is Colin Singleton’s closest companion, however, after stopping in Gutshot, Tennessee, Colin meets Lindsey Lee Wells. Lindsey and Colin grow very close through her building of Colin’s confidence and self-image. (Green) The accompaniment of close friends is extremely important in young adult fiction novels as it assists in the development of the protagonist and adds comic relief for readers. Secondly, in this particular genre, the main character’s friends are often unusual and the protagonist questions their friendship frequently. (Wells) The novel, An Abundance of Katherines, exemplifies an unusual friendship between Hassan Harbish and Colin Singleton. Throughout the novel, Hassan and Colin get into heated debates subjected on their differences and end up asking themselves why they are even friends. (Green) It is important for the main character to question their friendships because it keeps readers involved and teaches them the value of true friendship. As seen in An Abundance of Katherines, friendship is a notably important aspect in the young adult fiction genre. An Abundance of Katherines, written by John Green, contains the necessary elements required in a piece of young adult literature. The specific aspects of the storyline, main character, and the idea of friendship are all noticeably present within the novel. These elements are what make the readers wish the novel never ended. The young