“Aggression is necessary for survival: Discuss. Base your answer on psychological theories and models introduced in class

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ESSAY TITLE: “Aggression is necessary for survival: Discuss. Base your answer on psychological theories and models introduced in class.”
Basing itself on the fact that one of the fundamental purposes of the United Nations is to maintain international peace and security and to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace.( See attachment 1). The next two paragraphs, are from headlined front page cover article as appeared in the (Sunday Times Magazine-03/04/2011): ‘Your typical, stressed, panicky westerner is in constant alarm mode. It’s the fault of our caveman brains again. We are designed to have a
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Supporters of this theory argue that human beings are programmed to act aggressively which is an instinctive or biological urge involving neural and hormonal mechanisms and/or genetic factors.
Aggressive Instinct

Aggressive instinct is, in the main, an accepted notion in psychoanalysis. The various arguments for an aggressive instinct, or destruction of the self and others can be summarised briefly as- Aggression is pervasive and universal, and much aggression cannot be explained on a reactive basis; psychotic acts of murder, suicide, or long-awaited revenge. The phenomena of sadism and masochism indicate the presence of an innate pleasure in inflicting pain on others or the self. There is an unlearned physiological pattern for rage, the predecessor of attack. Finally, aggression occurs so early in development making it of an innate origin.
Researchers have suggested that individual who engage in Affective aggression- unplanned and uncontrolled, tend to have lower IQs than people displaying Predatory aggression being controlled, planned and goal-orientated. While the cause of aggression in animals is mainly about food supply, land territory, and dominance, human beings can show aggressive behaviour for a number of other