How Does Miller Create Tension in the Last Scene/Act One in a View from the Bridge.

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How Does Miller Convey Tension In This Scene?

In this essay I will be discussing the various ways that Arthur Miller creates tension in the last scene in act one of A View from the Bridge. When you read this essay you will have to understand the definition of tension is. According the Oxford School Dictionary, “tension is a feeling of anxiety or nervousness about something that is about to happen.” Before the scene I will discuss how Eddie and Rodolpho created an awkward tension between them. They create this tension because Eddie is jealous of Catherine and Rodolpho's relationship because Catherine loves him and not Eddie; he doesn't like the fact that his feelings are one way only. At the start of the play we out that
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The tension gets built up when “Catherine comes from the kitchen, watches” but soon looses all of the tension when “she senses only the comradeship in it now.” The tension isn’t lost for long when Eddie hits Rodolpho. “Sure, he’s terrific! Look at him go! (Rodolpho lands a blow.) ‘At’s it! Now, watch out, here I come, Danish (he feints with his left hand and lands with his right. It mildly staggers Rodolpho. Marco rises.)” This brings tension because no one expected it; it leaves everyone confused to why Eddie had hit him, Eddie had feigned with his right hand and hit him with his left hand. No body knows what’s happening at first but everyone rushes over to see how Rodolpho is okay, Catherine, Beatrice, Marco and Rodolpho are all shocked about what Eddie did. When Rodolpho assures everyone that he’s okay he and Catherine go back to dancing. “Dance, Catherine. Come.” The tension has eased off a bit again. He wants to dance now as a way to get the attention off him. Whereas earlier when he was asked to dance he didn’t want the attention. The similarity for both times is that Rodolpho doesn’t want attention. Eddie is back in his rocker as Marco brings a chair and places it in front of him. “Can you lift this chair?” Marco asks, this gives a hint as to what’s about to happen, but doesn’t give it away, we as the