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Alex Sander’s Organizational Behavior Review Page 1

Alex Sander’s Organizational Behavior Review:

A Brief Case Analysis

Oakley Tyler

Business 305-02
Professor Pratt
October 9, 2008 Alex Sander’s Organizational Behavior Review Page 2

Alex Sander is the project manager at Landon Care Products, Inc. Alex is smart. Alex is self-driven. Alex is an asset to his company in that he makes intelligent decisions, faces challenges straight on, and confidently makes things happen while getting things done. In over just one year at Landon, Alex rebranded two national skin care products. Sam Glass, Alex’s supervisor, expected Alex to cause waves within the work place when he hired him, due to his aggressive
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Job satisfaction and job performance are closely linked to positive and negative emotional reactions based on the personalities and moods of co-workers. This is extremely important because work environment is based on the personal dispositions of peers on the job. Alex’s temper does not positively affect his work environment. On the contrary, Alex contributes to a high negative effect at work causing nervous, upset, and distressed co-workers. Alex sees nothing wrong with this as long as the job gets done. Alex states that, “My temper is actually an effective management tool” (Greiner & Collins, 2009). Alex does not realize that his temper actually causes negative emotional reactions at work. In all these examples, it is also proven that Alex has low emotional intelligence. EI is defined by Robbins & Judge (2009) as, “The ability to detect and to manage emotional cues and information.” On the job, Alex does not control his emotions, nor does he care to read the social cues of others. In his careless disregard for the emotions and feelings of others, Alex causes a negative and distressed work environment. His 360( review also states this. It was stated, “Can breed hostility… Reacts too quickly… too honest in critical assessments of


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