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We're continually reviewing new sites and adding resources, and appreciate your comments and suggestions.


This "Monthly Online Magazine of Academic Titles and Information" gives you academic bestsellers, buyer's picks, other categories. It's published monthly and issues are available beginning with March of 1997.


By visiting the home of the American Society for Information Science, you can learn a lot about this field. You can also join the Society online, find out about upcoming conferences, learn more about continuing education, much more.

This web site offers a vast amount of library-related information. Link to Association members' web sites, find out about Association publications and happenings, and more.

The web site for this worldwide organization offers up-to-date information about membership, conferences and proceedings, and roundtables. This is a good source for continuing education and for current library services guidelines.

The Internet Public Library is a great place to visit. Information is conveniently divided by age groups or research needs. There are interesting hands-on activities for kids, plus an online classroom, an exhibit hall, a reading room with some great tools, and much more.

Similar to a librarian's "Ready Reference Shelf," this site houses dozens of topics from abbreviations to women's studies, each with links to resources on the web. Whether you're looking for airlines, historic documents, or satellite television, this is a good place to start.

Formerly The Berkeley Public Library's Index to the Internet, this is an excellent collection of worthwhile sites, annotated, and categorized.

This is a good place to learn about current information in library and information technology. Upcoming conferences and expositions are listed, and the publications area has some useful information too.


The Library employs multiple search methods to encourage the use of its impressive site and its catalogs as well. The site's feature exhibits tell America's story through documents, photos, movies, and audio. There's an educators' Learning Page and a great Today in History feature in addition to the massive research possibilities.

This web site offers a compilation of Internet discussion lists of interest to library professionals and staff. Great resource!

Is your local library online? Find out by using this online directory of local libraries around the US.

This site organizes more than 10,000 reviewed web resources for parents, students, teachers, librarians, and community members. Specify which of these groups is yours, and enter a library structured just for you! A great resource!

With sections for teachers, students, parents, librarians, and the community, The Library in the Sky offers Web resources by subject, support sites for the groups just mentioned, access to a huge group of lesson plans, and much more.

This quarterly publication offers a search capability through abstracts dating from 1992 through 1997. You can also learn the history of the publication, how to submit articles, and how to subscribe.

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