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The gallery consists of quick-loading images being developed for use by Biology class 216 at Albion College in Albion, Michigan. The plants are primarily from the eastern U.S. and Carribbean. A brief synopsis of the characteristics of the family of each plant is also available.

This is an extensive collection of photos of the plants of Israel, arranged by Hebrew name and by scientific name. There is some beautiful photography here.

All you ever wanted to know about ferns but didn't know who to ask, from a brief introduction to growing tips to the history of a fern to life cycles. Interesting and easy to navigate.

Take a tour of the Flynn Bogs System of Leon County, Texas, courtesy of Texas A&M. The tour begins with wet woodlands, finishes with hilltop lakes, and includes species lists with photographs for both the wet and dry areas of this unique area.

This commercial site is focused mainly on the home gardener and house plant enthusiast, but offers some interesting general information about plants. Rich with content, it has a question and answer column as well as a searchable plant encylopedia and the site claims to be updated frequently. Well worth the visit!

"One out of every ten plants native to the United States is in danger of extinction." Come to the Center for Plant Conservation's web site and learn more about the problem, what is happening in plant conservation, and how you can help.

This is a huge site providing information on gardening and botanical questions in Florida and beyond. With a garden store, bookstore, and resources for nurseries, farmers, gardeners, and agroecologists, as well as Florida history buffs, Florida Plants has a lot to offer.

Put up by the Smith County Agricultural Extension Service, this site offers east Texas gardeners lots of pertinent information. There are features on the local horticulture industry, advice for home gardeners, an explanation of the County's interesting Master Gardener program, and links to other gardening sites on the Web.

One of the great things about this large horticulture site is its word-and-picture descriptions of plants and their diseases. Just click on FoliageWorld or Ornamentals, then on Reference & Research and get great information to help you keep your plants healthy. Also: growers, botanical gardens, links, and more.

Questions and answers on a huge range of scientific topics make this a great site for information on science. And if you don't find the answer you're looking for already here, ask a question of the mad scientist of your choice.

MBG has all the botany bases covered, and an easily navigated map to prove it! Start your botanical tour at the information desk and view the gardens, read about their history and current missions, or link to plant information for other countries. This is a wonderful spot for the gardening enthusiast: don't miss the tours of the Kemper Center for Home Gardening and the exceptional Japanese garden.

This organization's mission is "to enable better management of the earth's environment by increasing knowledge and understanding of the plant kingdom". The site's a great tool for accomplishing that mission, with a search engine, conservation, education, and research information, and links.

Dr. Scott Russell has spent a lot of time and effort in developing and maintaining this site. In addition to a large topical index of botany websites, he offers the botany link-of-the-day, which includes a site review. These are archived for reference. Site also includes news, a botany search tool, and frequent link checks.

The Seeds of Change Garden web site is the result of the Smithsonian Institution's Natural Partners Initiative, and was created by the New Mexico State University College of Agriculture and Home Economics. There are garden activities for all seasons, recipes, and lots of wonderful information about the origins of food crops. Turn on the Teacher/Parent Notes and get extra information on each page. Cool!

Interested in the plants of Hawaii? This site presents a general guide to the plants that were carried throughout the Hawaiian Islands by early Polynesian voyagers in their canoes. Some basic information is provided about each plant along with a sketch/picture when available. Also included are Medicinal Hawaiian Plants, though this area of the site takes a while to load. Very interesting!

This is the story of "Methuselah," the earth’s oldest living inhabitant at 4,763 years, and other bristlecone pines. Learn about the discovery of these ancient trees, their history and their contribution to our knowledge of the past, and how best to see them in person. It’s fascinating, well documented reading with great pictures.


This is a great place to explore serious sites on plant pathology, applied entomology, and related fields, with more than 1000 reviewed and annotated resources listed. This site uses mirrors in Germany and the U.K.

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