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Online BioSciences includes selected articles from the print version, links to many other biology sites on the Web, and information about life sciences in general. A good starting point.

Set up to teach kids about bats, this site has good information for all ages. Learn where and how bats live, how they help people, what myths about them are untrue, and much more. You can also play a bat game, take a bat quiz, and visit a bat cave.

Biology and chemistry sites in a dozen categories (including the regulars plus news, lab safety, ethics, and careers) are gathered here. They are not reviewed but do include author and sponsoring institution.

This is university level biology material, but includes images (more than 3000 so far) which would be useful at lower levels as well. Complete the free registration and all materials are yours to use. Available in English and French.

This is a biology course taught at UC Irvine, but it's also fascinating reading for anyone interested in biology. The professor includes here the lecture texts for such subjects as History of Life, The Age of Mammals, Values of Biodiversity, Extinction and Depletion from Over-Exploitation, and more.

This Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences site offers pictures, descriptions, and biological control information for "Natural Enemies in North America," including insect, disease, and weed pests. Go to the Table of Contents in each section for links to the specific information on each "bug." A great source for growers, researchers, students, and teachers.

Biotechnology information supplied by industry, government, and research sources is offered here. Includes a Career Center with job search and HR links.

This is the home page of Biosphere 2. You can take a cyber tour of the facility and learn about each of the different environments, plus design goals, construction, history, current state, data on rainfall, etc., by checking the sensors in specific areas for light, temperature, humidity, and CO2.

This is a great site to see cells in action. The topics (Anatomy of a Splinter, When a Cell Commits Suicide, This Strain Kills White Blood Cells, and others) have descriptions of each step of their process, and animated gifs and Quick Time movies to see actual cells! It's a really interesting place to see, up-close, what cells do.

The Center, put together by Rice University, offers a number of Conservation Biology areas for study. Their Virtual Library of Ecology, Biodiversity and the Environment contains hundreds of great biology links in a user-friendly format. The Society for Conservation Biology Homepage is here, along with The Orchid Weblopedia, some very interesting Related Conservation Biology Projects, and more.

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens offers extensive information on the zoo and its programs, as well as links to a number of other zoo-related resources on the Internet. Meet Timu, the world's first test tube gorilla, learn about The Cat Ambassador program and the importance of habitat preservation, and take a guess at this week's mystery animal.

This colorful page tells about the great diversity of coral reef fishes, their feeding and reproducing habits, their endangered species, and their decline due to pollution and other factors.

Interested in natural control of insect pests and in current trends in biological control? This site contains abstracts and conference presentations on dozens of biological control issues from "Control of silverleaf whitefly on poinsettia by natural enemies" to "Is the public behind biological control?"

This site details a small, portable, and comparatively inexpensive microscope ideal for viewing "the microworlds of life that surround us." There are detailed lesson plans included and "virtual viewing" opportunities as well, along with enthusiastic endorsements from users.

The site contain a forum and discussion board for young biologists and geneticists. The forum and the educational materials prooved to be useful for students fo biotechnology and genetic engineering

If you have questions about elephants, you'll probably find the answers here. This site deals with breeding (including records of captive births in the US and Europe), characteristics, conservation efforts, zoos where elephants now live, FAQ, and more. Don't miss Shiva, the Virtual Elephant, and her story.

This excellent site is dedicated to education and research on the coral reefs of Hawai’i and the world, and to their preservation. There’s a virtual tour of the coral reefs of Hawai’i, information on its marine life, sources for coral reef information from around the world, a discussion area, Hawai’i and reef links, and more.

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