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Alexei Antonov's main focus is the technique used in classical art. He explores the differences between classical and realistic painting, gives the "secrets" of the old masters' techniques, and offers online lessons.

ACE (All Camera Equipment) indexes hundreds of suppliers of photography necessities, acting as "a Gateway to those who make life easier for amateur and professional photographers." They also link to 90 online photo magazines from around the world, and they describe them!

You, the detective, can help solve "The Case of Grandpa's Painting" and learn a few things about color, style, composition, and some famous artists at the same time. Fun stuff.

"The First Art Newspaper on the Net" is a great source for current art news, exhibitions world-wide, museums of the world, and more. One interesting area is "Art In Motion", where 22 buildings, statues, or famous places are described, with a 3-D animated view of each section. Or check out "This Day in History." Great stuff. We recommend it highly.

This is a good place to start if you're looking for abstract art. It contains examples of artists' work with links to their pages, making it easy to find abstract art on the net.

This is a comprehensive list of links compiled by the Associate Professor of Art History at Sweet Briar College. It seems to be updated pretty regularly and is organized very well.

This is a cybervillage for metalsmiths and those interested in their work. You can get advice on working in metal, view works by blacksmiths, whitesmiths, jewelers, sculptors, and bladesmiths, ask your metalwork questions, and catch up on metalworking news from around the globe.

The Art on The Net Gallery includes four "hallways" featuring different styles of artistic works as well as a main "foyer" that highlights the site's current exhibits. In addition, they host more than 110 artists (poets, painters, musicians, and more), all of whom maintain their own spaces. What's New gives you an interesting history of Art on the Net since 1994.

Directory of international photography schools, colleges and art schools

A searchable directory divided into over 200 categories of visual art, music, and literature. Also hosts contemporary artists image galleries and art resources.

ArtQuest® offers a way to buy and sell art on the net. Even if you are not in the market, there's lots to see here, and related links are available in more than 20 categories.

The Kennedy Center created this compelling site, which features all aspects of the arts: music, dance, fine arts, and more. An awesome resource for students, teachers, parents, and art lovers.

The Australian National University offers access to more than 27,000 images concerned with the history of art and architecture. There is now a "recovery fee" for viewing most of the enlargements, but you can visit all of the areas and see 1/16 of the images for free.

"A technical resource for artists and art students" put up by Southern Arkansas University, the Chalkboard offers instruction in drawing and painting and is happy to answer your questions.

‘Artyfactory offers free art lessons on African masks, Egyptian art and hieroglyphs, pencil portraits, perspective drawing, logo design and colour theory. The practical side of each lesson is enhanced by some history and appreciation of the subject. Artyfactory is a growing resource of art lessons and techniques carefully designed to meet classroom needs. It is also designed for artists of any age. All you need to take part are a few basic materials and the will to have a go.’

This is "the on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia." Fascinating exhibitions, articles, and galleries.

The International Animation Association promotes the art of animation and the furthering of international understanding through animated film. This site offers association news, animation clips, lots of articles which would be of great interest to animators, plus information on schools and membership.

This impressive site displays the results of a collaborative effort of Emerson Middle School and the University of Michigan Museum of Art. The students worked with painted panel pieces, an Asian ink scroll, and a pointillist painting. See and learn about the originals, see the students' own work, and read from the discussion board which they used to communicate with museum personnel. Very nice.

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