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Understanding Immigration through the Ethical Theories and Perspectives
By: Hillary Parks
SOC120: Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility
Professor David Jung
October 6, 2014
There are many ethical theories and ethical perspectives out there today that helps us live and function every day in society with other people. The two ethical theories and ethical perspective I chose to write about concerning immigration. The two theories are utilitarianism and virtue ethics. The perspective I chose to write about is emotivism.
Who are these other people and how did they get here? They got here by a process called immigration. Immigration is the action of people coming to live permanently in a foreign country. According to Diana
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For us to be able to understand how to apply this theory to immigration we have to take into consideration whether the individuals benefit or not from the consequences of immigration.
According to the author Robert Goodin he stated in his article Protecting the Vulnerable that we should stress the duties we should have towards the vulnerable and the vulnerable being the immigrants. The immigrants are respected in receiving countries than the negative effects of brain drain for instance, in the sending countries, can be reduced and the exploitation of immigrants avoided. However not all of the people that are classified as immigrants can be verified as being vulnerable because they are not in and inferior position in relation to the host country and their citizens. A lot of people have argued that the immigrants who are well off and have enough resources and capital to travel or reside in another foreign country on their own expenses then their status doesn’t qualify them as being inferior to the citizens of the host country or the ones from the home country (Todea 2010).
In the utilitarian theory immigration has positive influences on the lives of the individuals and their well-being. The reason for leaving their home countries in the first place means that their moving is the solution to get out of the difficult economic, financial situation, better education opportunities for


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