Babe the Movie

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Media Studies 342W – Professor Cornell
Short Essay #2 – Babe
Babe which came to the theatres in August of 1995 was a huge success. The film showed an orphaned pig who was all alone in the world until Farmer Hoggett brought the animal home after he had won the hog after guessing his weight correctly in a raffle. The pig was soon brought home to join the rest of the animal family and was quickly given the name Babe by his new and unlikely adoptive family, sheep dogs. This interesting family dynamic did not distract life on the farm. Instead daily routines proceeded as usual until the man of the house, Farmer Hoggett, somehow managed to get an idea in his head. The idea was one which he could not remove from his brain, to give Babe a chance
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However the movie teaches children that they need to stand strong to their ideas. People may think that what you are doing is mad but most dreams and ambitions are thought to be crazy ,especially decisions that may alter the course of history. People do not realize that "the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do" (Steve Jobs).
One of the lessons that a child should take away from the film is that nobody should classify you but yourself. Children, should at a very young age, realize that you are able to do whatever you want and with whomever you so choose despite the expectations of others; it is your life and nobody can tell you otherwise. Courage is a powerful thing and not easy to come by, but the film teaches that through the assistance of others and holding true to what you believe in will help you prevail towards your ultimate goal.
It would not have mattered if the main character was a pig, a cow, a chicken or any other animal the point of the movie was easily understood. Babe, which still remains a special place in my heart from my own childhood, has now taken on new meanings that I never saw as a child. We are who are because of the people around us even if they are older or even not be from the 'same part of town.' However we must not waver even for a second despite mockery we may experience and push forth to do what we were meant to


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