Why Obama Won the 2012 Election

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Why Obama won the 2012 Election

The American elections of 2012 was very competitive between the Democrat candidate Barrack Obama, who was the president then, and Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate. The campaigns and presidential debates were quite heated and as has been earlier mentioned, it was tight for each of them as polls clearly indicated that both Obama and Romney had more or less an equally high chance of winning the presidential elections. Demographics played a significant part in seeing Obama take the day. The groups of people that actually made the difference include groups of young women, African Americans, Hispanics and Asian Americans. Some of the states in which Obama won include New York, New Jersey, New Mexico,
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For any presidential candidate, or political aspirant for that mat matter, it is crucially important to lay focus on the individual. People felt connected to Obama on an individual basis because he managed to think of one American as opposed to American citizens as a group. He focused on the teacher, health official, mother, child in his campaigns. Another significant lesson is the importance of authenticity. Because of his connection with people through thw social web, Obama managed to prove his authenticity to the voters. In his Facebook page for instance he indicated his favorite music, movies, interests and kept his followers updated on his campaign. It made him real and authentic. Every single bit of support ultimately counts. Obama acknowledged that everyone, despite their backgrounds or income, is equally important in driving the wheels of change. This is the attitude that ought to be carried along in political bids and campaigns (Sherman, 2012).
A huge margin win was unexpected because as the results trickled in, Barack and Romney were hot on each other’s heels. This was clear right from the onset of the presidential debates that preceded the elections, where both parties gave a considerably good show. The impact of social media as has been earlier mentioned was profound. This was not expected because other previous political campaigns had not to a large extent been influenced by this technology. All the same, when


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