The Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theories

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The assassination of John F. Kennedy is one of the most controversial and debated topics in American History. JFK was one of the most beloved presidents of our time. One article of his death wrote, "The day the country cried". Unlike previous presidential assassinations, the JFK assassination is one that is filled the conspiracy theories. Such theories include a Government cover-up, Mafia influence and Cuban President Fidel Castro. The idea of a lone mind, Lee Harvey Oswald, plotting to kill President Kennedy is too simple. In the eyes of scholars there is simply no way that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Even with the growing number of bogus theories, there are a number of logical theories that do hold water. In this paper I will discuss …show more content…

One other conspiracy theory is that the JFK's plan for Vietnam may have prompted his murder. It is believed that the president did not want to further the US's involvement in the matter. However when he was about to stop sending aid to South Vietnam he was murdered by those who though that the US should pursue their interests in South Vietnam. Public interest in the assassination of JFK has never died down. People around the world want to know who killed the president and why and how he died. They also want to know what the killer's hidden motives might have been, and whether he had acted alone. Their insistent questions led to the formation of the House Select Committee on the Assassinations, a congressional group. In 1978, the House Select Committee came to a conclusion that many unofficial investigators had already reached: that the president's slaying was the result of a conspiracy. A conspiracy is defined as being a criminal act committed by two or more persons. Until that time, the Warren Commission Report, originally released in September 1964, was the only official one. The report stated that a solitary gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald was responsible. Working alone, he shot and killed the president. Oswald was soon captured and held by the Dallas Police Department for two days. Then Oswald himself was slain as he was being transferred from one jail to another by Jack Ruby. The Warren Commission decided that Ruby acted for twisted emotional reasons


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