Unit 333.3.2. Explain Policies and Procedures That Are in Place to Protect Children, Young People and Adults Who Work with Them.

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Unit 333.3.2. Explain policies and procedures that are in place to protect children, young people and adults who work with them.

In every organisation there are policies and procedures that the workforce has to follow, within the Education services we are no different and our policies and procedures are in place to protect both the young people and the people working with them.

Legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures affecting the safeguarding of children and young people would be:- * UN Convention on the rights of the Child * Education Act 2002 * Children Act 2004 and Childcare 2000 * Human Rights1998 * Health and Safety Executive (HSE) * Common Assessment Framework * Special Educational Needs
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Attendance Policy, this policy states that students must attend school regularly, have the mind set to begin learning and to be punctual this is in line with national policies. All registers are taken in the morning and must be prompt so that the attendance officer can check and record all absences. We promote regular and punctual attendance by having in place reward to be used with the students and we work closely with parents. If parents do not ensure that their child attends school regularly then they are committing an offence. This clearly comes under policies relating to Pupil Welfare, in order to be safe some responsible adult needs to be looking out for them.

Data protection policy, this is a national policy which affects everyone who store data for any reason. This affects MOCS as all those who store data for the school have to be aware of all aspects of the data protection act and ensure that they comply with it. This means that they will have to make sure they read and understand the data protection police for our school which the governors and headmaster have commissioned in order to be sure that they comply with the mandate. All staff has information that comes under this policy and they all have to be accountable for what happens to it and ensuring that it is