Rap and Moral Character

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Rap and Moral Character In the article Rap and Moral Character by Wesley Cragg and Christine Koggel, the subject of concern is the consequences of listening to rap music and the effects on moral behaviour. The author suggests that rap and moral character are linked and that due to the natural context of rap, it promotes violence, crass materialism, crime, and is misogynistic and therefore corrupts a person’s moral character. Based on their claims, the authors take the position that rap should be censured – morally. In this paper, I will examine the authors’ claims, their reasoning, and their use of concepts. By doing so, I will be able to demonstrate that their thesis (rap corrupts moral character and deserves moral censure) is unjust …show more content…

This claim has nothing to do with rap and why rap should be morally censured. The only thing that this claim has to do with is that these things are bad and they are available. Therefore, in their attempt to strengthen their argument by raising other examples that are irrelevant, they have actually weakened it through fallacious reasoning.

This article has many conceptual ideas. However, the main one is morality. From this article, it is clear what the author tries to explain what morality is. Crime, materialism, sexuality, and corruption all play a role in morality. But what the authors failed to notice is that morality is also based culturally. What is morally correct thing to do in one culture is different from another. Furthermore, morality can be judged differently by each individual. This makes it extremely difficult to pin point what is absolutely right and wrong. With that being said, each person will have their own views of what is right and wrong. The authors’ view is clear. They believe that rap is wrong based on their own moral views but they did not put into the consideration of other cultures and individuals. On the other hand, the other concept in this article is rap music. It seems that the authors are saying that rap and moral character shares many similarities and that is why rap has such a large effect on a person’s moral. It is true that there is


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