Toxic Tacos? the Case of Genetically Modified Foods

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This case is about the usage of genetically modified foods and up till today, this problem is continuing. It was stated that Taco Bell was accused of using StarLink corn (a type of genetically modified corn) in their taco shells. The StarLink had been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that it is safe for animal but not human consumption. From the time when this case happens, the public started to be aware of the possible dangers of genetically modified foods. Other than that, the prices of corn start to decline. This case had generated debates about genetically modified foods.

There are two groups that shares different views about genetically modified food. One of the groups is the proponents of genetically
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The problem of ethical lag is shown in this case. The speed at which technology moves is very fast up till a point whereby it exceeds ethical development. Taco Bell is making use of the technology and using the genetically modified corn in their product (taco shells) without considering the fact that genetically modified food may cause adverse health effects. It shows clearly that no effort is shown in verifying that the corn they uses will not cause any harm to the consumers or will not trigger allergies or disease in humans.

The proponents for genetically modified foods believe that genetically modified foods bring more benefits than harm. They insist that the risks of genetically modified food should only be judge when scientific consensus had been reached. The proponents of genetically foods believe that genetically modified food will be able to food a hungry world by multiplying per-acre yields. Besides that, they said that genetically modified food will reduce the need of herbicides and pesticides.

The detractors of genetically modified food disagree with what proponents of genetically modified foods. They strongly believe that genetically modified foods are dangerous and toxic. It was argued that the research was limited in both space and time to reach a conclusion. Therefore, they persist non-toxicity cannot be concluded.

Pro-GM or Anti-GM?
Both the pro-GM and anti-GM has their own way of thinking. In order to determine which