Inventory Control Automated Office System (Icaos)

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Inventory Control Automated Office System

David Pierce

Individual Project
IS316 - Systems Analysis and Design
Professor: Erlan Burk
Park University
Fall II 2010

Table of Contents

System Description 2-3 Functional Description 4-5 Data Dictionary 6-8 Context Level Diagram and Child Diagram 9-12 System Input, Output Forms, and Interfaces 13-14 Testing, Maintenance and Auditing 15

System Description

System Name Inventory Control Automated Office System (ICAOS)

Type of System
ICAOS is an Automated Office System using an Oracle Database and front end application. The ICAOS will coincide with the current timekeeping
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System Decision Support
The ICAOS will help to support all aspects of management decisions from forecasting, to human resources, to company objectives. The ICAOS will help decision makers better understand inventory trends, customer trends, employee efficiencies, and overall warehouse accuracy.
Information Processing (Input/output)
> Input- The input into the system will come from 3 areas:
1) Input by warehouse employee or management
2) Input by download from ordering system
3) Input by download from vendor bills of lading
> Output- The output will be either reports generated by management, order information which will be sent to the ordering system, or printed output in the form of printed order forms, or bills of lading.
> Definitions: Input- Any information about a product such as movement, description, etc.
Output- Any information that is sent to an end-user including reports, order receipts, bills of lading, or printed forms.
Ordering system- The system currently used by customers to place orders online, and used by vendors to send shipment information.
Customers- Any outside entity which requests product from the warehouse. Vendors- Any outside entity which supplies products to the warehouse. Warehouse Employee- Any non-management employee of the warehouse.