The Relationship Between Morality and Religion in the Dalai Lama and John Pope Ii Perspective

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The Relationship Between Morality and Religion In the Dalai Lama and John Pope II Perspective

The complexities on the issue of the relationship between religion and morality is intriguing in the sense that there is no right or wrong answer, but merely your own intrinsic belief. The 14th Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists, believes that you can't have religion without morals, but you can have morals without religion. This seems to contrast with the view of John Paul II, in the sense that he passionately believes that moral truth is governed by only God himself. “To ask about the good, in fact, ultimately means to turn towards God, the fullness of goodness." In this Encyclical letter, Veritatis splendor, John Paul II
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He intricately explains this as the law of action and consequence. This principle underlines cause and effect and how nothing exist independently and nothing has an independent identity. This coincides with the Buddhist philosophies of Karma, which literally means “action,” and is defined as an active force we create through our actions. The Dalai Lama's view on the issue of the relationship between religion and morality is influenced by his Buddhist ethics in such that rules and guidelines are not absolute; unlike John Paul II, religion and morality seem to be independent of one another.
Alike from the Dalai Lama, John Paul II also exhibits his religion through his views on the issue of the relationship between morality and religion. Although both of their religions somewhat filters through their views, John Paul II, believes that morality is striven by your direct faith in God alone. The relationship between the two (morality and religion), in John Paul II view, is interlaced with each other through divine revelation. Being a strong believer in Catholic Christianity, the Pope believes that morality is taught by Christ himself. In the Encyclical letter of Veritatis splendor, John Paul II elaborates on the saying that “people today need to turn to Christ once again in order to receive from him the answer to their questions about what is good and what is evil.” He


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