The Immortal Life of Henrietta Life chapter summaries

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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks summary

Chapter one

Chapter one is about when Henrietta lacks is in the Hopkins hospital explaining to the doctor that she has a lump. Henrietta had felt this lump for a long time but though it was because of her pregnancy of her 5th child. The gynecologist looks at her medical history; notices that Henrietta had a list of untreated medical problems. The chapter also explains the time of period it was in as it describes how they were segregated. They had they own section on the hospital for black people.

Chapter two

In this chapter it tells the early life of Henrietta how she was one of 10 kids. Her mother died when she was only 4 years old and her father could not take care of all 10
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Chapter ten

Rebecca doesn’t give up and heads to clover, Virginia to look for the lacks. She gets lost again but eventually she finds a cousin named Hector Henry also know as cootie. He was an old man who was half paralyzed from when he got polio. His house was an old house made of plywood and cinderblock. He talks to Rebecca about how nice Henrietta was when she was alive even when she got sick.

Chapter eleven

in 1951 Henrietta's cancer has gotten worse she got tumors all over her body and her kidneys are not working no more. She has a lot of blood transfusion that the doctors decided to stop and inform the family that the blood bank was out. Emmet lacks one of henrietta's cousin gather 8 men to donate blood for henrietta. When the men got to the hospital they saw how bad henrietta was and that blood could not save her. Henrietta was tied to her bed because she used to scream and jump of her bed whenever in pain.

Chapter twelve

on 1951 after henrietta's death george gey wants to do a autopsy on her body. For an autopsy he needs her husband consent at first day refused but then they convince him. Once with the consent gey sends mary to get the samples, while there mary realize that HeLa cells are from a “real person”. After autopsy henrietta's body is taken to clover virginia for the funeral and to be buried there. It took the family a while to find a spot where to burry her because the lot was full already. After she got