The Effects of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory

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The Effects of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory
Kathleen A. Gebert
Capella University

Urie Bronfenbrenner Ecological Theory suggests that child growth and development started and ended with a layer of ecological systems. The systems consists of microsytem (family or classroom), meosystem (two microsystem interacting such as neighborhood and family), exosystem (external environments that affect a child’s growth i.e. parents workplace), macrosystem (the larger society cultural environment) and the Chronological (the results of the systems over time in a child’s development). Bronfenbrenner reported that to have accurate and correct information on a child’s growth and development; all these environments play a significant
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This system is known for the patterning of events and transitions of the life course of the child’s development. Bronfenbrenner’s idealization of this growth development refers to the time and how a child will handle external and internal systems. External system can mean the death of a parent, a divorce, loss of income, and/or loss or property. Internal system refers to adolescence, puberty and any physiological changes they may begin to encounter. This environment experience from childhood to adulthood has been an active factor in the way the child views himself, his culture and the world around him. The Chronosystem layer helps with living, handling life’s cardinal events and coping skills.
In reviewing the layers of Bronfenbrenner’s theory this writer has come to acknowledge the importance of having a secure environment consisting of caring and loving parents. The microsystem layer that this writer was fortunate enough to grow and develop in was a secure loving environment which allowed this writer the means to be secure in her own environment. The masosystem layer allowed for this writer to continue to development friendships, social events, along with school and church functions outside of the microsystem. The exosytem was a very positive time for this writer. This writer was able to enjoy the benefits of a good home with parents that worked to provide a stable home with income to provide various entrainment, hobbies and


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