The Crucible and the Extra Scene

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In the original version of The Crucible, published in 1953, a second scene for Act II was written but Arthur Miller decided to take it from the future editions that came after that time. A reason Arthur Miller might have removed this scene from the play was that it showed the readers too much information, which would have given the readers too much about what would happen later on in the play and it might have had disinterested the readers into continuing reading. The Act II scene, which was taken off from the play, would have changed the outlook that the read had on The Crucible and its characters, like Abigail’s character. Abigail would have been viewed differently after this scene because they would feel pity for her. Arthur Miller made …show more content…

Abigail would have been viewed as if she was becoming mentally instable and that all the lies and events were catching up to her mind by making her go crazy. The readers would then not be able to view Abigail as a deceitful girl in the later Acts. In Act III Abigail shows that she can convince people of anything she wants and that she had control and power over the villagers. If Act II scene ii was on the play Abigail would have not been surprised with John’s confection of the affair in the public and she would have had time to prepare for all the “surprises” that she was going to face and then the villagers who were in court would have probably not have started to thought the fact that they were just making all of this up. Abigail then would also have somewhat known that John would have not just given up with a defeat and that he would have fought and have tried his best to find away to put a stop Abigail’s and the other girl’s lies.
As you can see the end of The Crucible would have changed entirely if the Act II, Scene ii was kept in the play. The play would sound too repetitive if Arthur Miller had kept that scene ii of Act II there would have been no surprise or any “excitement” in the Acts after this Act. With this extra scene that was removed Abigail’s character would have been viewed differently after that scene. People would have viewed Abigail differently after this scene if it was placed back in the play. Abigail