The Craigslist Killer

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In America there are numerous killers that have shocked the nation, but one killer in particular had the world completely dumbfounded. It was the ‘Craigslist Killer’ who would have many people asking questions and wondering why a soon to be graduate from medical school would commit such evil acts. With graduation right around the corner and wedding plans to make with his fiancé, he seemed to have the world at his feet. So who is the ‘Craigslist Killer’?
Philip Markoff, also known as the ‘Craigslist Killer’, was born February 12, 1986. He grew up in Sherrill, New York, outside of Syracuse. He was the son of a dentist and of an educator-turned casino worker. Markoff attended Vernon-Sherrill Central School, where he was on the bowling team,
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The victim, who would be kept nameless, was a 26-year-old nightclub dancer that advertised private lap dances on Craigslist. Markoff met the dancer at a hotel in Rhode Island (unknown) and bounded her with plastic cord attempting to rob her at gunpoint, but he would be put to a stop when the dancer’s husband heard loud ruction and entered the hotel room and chased Markoff away (Source 4). The Boston police needed to put this man to a stop before another dupe would be in danger. On April 15, 2009 first victim, Tricia Leffler, was contacted by the Boston police department urging her to talk to them about something important. They arrived at Leffler’s apartment with a photograph of Markoff that was taken by the Copley Marriot hotel security camera. Leffler was quick to identify Markoff when seeing the photograph. The Boston police immediately realized they had a prime suspect now (Source 7). Markoff was under police surveillance for several days before he was arrested during a traffic stop south of Boston, just five days after being identified by Leffler. It appears that Markoff and fiancée, Megan McAllister, were headed to Foxwoods resort and casino on Connecticut with thousands of dollars in cash. Even though he had no previous criminal record, Markoff was accused of kidnapping, armed robbery and first degree murder on April 20, 2009 (Source 1). After Markoff’s arrest the investigation began. Investigators were