Contrast and Comparison of Single-Sex School and Co-Ed School

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Running head: Contrast and Comparison of Single-sex School and Co-ed School

Contrast and Comparison of Single-sex School and Co-ed school

The education systems nowadays are made up of organizations ranging from kindergartens, general education schools, single-sex schools and co-ed schools to universities. This structure is designed to formulate people’s knowledge one step at a time according to their levels. School is one of the most important stages of educational system in our lives where we are trained to absorb basic knowledge and prepare for our future. Often times, schools are divided into single-sex schools, where only boys or girls study, and co-ed schools, where boys and girls study together. This choice demands
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They believe that in this system both the boys and girls will be spoilt. This was represented as the main possible disadvantage of co-education schools. Moreover, there was an experiment where boys and girls were studying in separate classes. And more of co-educational schools showed interest in segregating lessons. Academics and teachers have found that both genders have better concentration on core subjects and they are less distracted by opposite sex. The main idea is that separating boys and girls is not a cure for disruptive classrooms, but under the right conditions it can help to raise academic standards in schools. Despite of the fact that girls have better achievements than boys, they can also benefit from single-sex classes because they sometimes allowed them to perform without worrying about their image in front of girls. On the other hand there can be some problems in separating classes, because there is a need to avoid an intimidating atmosphere for other boys, who can be generated among all-boys’ classes, and to be alert to the dangers of generating a homophobic environment. In addition, there is also a need to beware of girls becoming aggressive towards each other. So, there are some risks of single-sex classrooms and schools. On the other hand, single-sex education is an old education system where boys and girls study in separate classrooms or schools. Some educational researchers have identified single-sex education as a way


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